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 Cultural and identity issues

I was born in London then spent some time living with my father’s family in North Africa as a child before returning to London. Then I moved to the north of England as a teen, which was almost as much of a culture shock as the previous move, especially being mixed race. Each person's identity and sense of self is so wonderfully complex and multi-faceted. And as you can see from what I shared about my start in life, I have first-hand experience of how much of a minefield it can be trying to make sense of our cultural heritage and identity.

What I Offer...

Reflecting on my own life experience of these issues is a continuous process. But doing so, means I am able to offer clients a safe space where we can freely reflect on cultural influences and psychological patterns often taken on, consciously and subconsciously throughout their life. By having a deeper understanding of the problems faced, I aim to provide an empathic approach to addressing cultural issues in a sensitive way, that will empower the client to bring about the change they want. In other words, if “knowledge is power”, I hope to help facilitate the knowledge, which will then give you the power.

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