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As a person with slight Cerebral Palsy, I can offer empathy and understanding. I can now share that for most of my youth, I hardly took my disability into consideration at all. Anything others could do, I could do better, or at least just as well, if I put my mind to it. That was until my 30s, when I burnt out and my world fell apart. At that point, I not only had come to terms with my disability and how I became disabled, I also mourned to loss of the person I thought I was. With counselling, I was able to accept my journey and rebuild my life. I am now able to offer a safe space for others to come to terms with their journey in an empathic and non-judgemental way. We are all unique and every disabled person’s journey will be different. I offer online and telephone counselling, to make it easier to access and to remove some of the barriers often encountered by disabled people.

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