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I have often felt like the issue of Racism is "the elephant is the room" that people are too uncomfortable to talk about. Race and Disability are one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, but inequality, discrimination and Hate Crime are still far too prevalent in today's society, which we have especially seen and felt recently.  After a hate crime the focus is usually on the physical safety, and maybe the pursuit of justice, if the incident is reported to the police. But not enough attention is given to impact on our mental health.

What I offer for Race related issues…

Racism has an impact on a personal level, social level and an intergenerational level. I aim not to shy away from supporting the client to explore race related issues. For example, what Isha McKenzie- Mavinga refers to as “Black Western Archetypes”, and “Recognition Trauma”. The archetypes are the sort of stereotypes imposed upon us by others and the ones we internalise. By acknowledging what they are with client, we can then look at addressing them. Recognition Trauma encompasses the range of emotions that can come with the increased awareness of racism. This is not to be confused with the trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that can result from a traumatic event, such as a Hate Crime. I also offer a safe space to work through the effects of such trauma in a non-judgemental and empowering way.

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