What is Counselling?

It is generally accepted by most that if there is something physically wrong with us, such as a bad back or a sore ankle, we would seek treatment from a GP or a physiotherapist for example, more often than not, repeatedly for the same ailment. So too does our mental health deserve similar care and and attention, and having counselling is one way of doing this.

Counselling is a way of addressing emotional and mental health difficulties, often caused by what life throws at us. A good counsellor will create a safe therapeutic space for you to talk about what concerns you, and help you process things in a healthy and empowering way. Each session should last 50 minutes with a beginning middle and end, during which I, the counsellor will endeavour to ensure you feel able to leave each appointment having been appropriately listened to and able to cope until the following session. 

What to expect from the first session?

I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation which is useful for us to meet each other, and have a brief discussion about what to expect if we work together.  It is also a chance to have any of your questions answered. We will decide at this point which time, frequency and media suits you best moving forward. I offer sessions over the phone or by Zoom. We will end by discussing briefly, the Client-Counsellor Contract, explained below.

What is the Client-Counsellor contract?

This is a contract that clarifies the boundaries and sets out what the client can expect from the counsellor and vice-versa. I would go through this briefly in the initial consultation. I would then give you a copy to read, sign and keep, which we can finish completing at the beginning of the first counselling session.

How many sessions are offered?

I would not put a limit on the number of sessions offered, but I would suggest that we review how you are feeling at regular intervals, empowering you to decide what more is needed. I will be honest with you about progress made and supportive in managing counselling coming to an end.

Concessional Prices?

I can offer online and telephone sessions at a reduced price to people on benefits.


I may take minimal notes during each session to help me monitor my work, but they will not contain your personal information.  Any records I keep are stored securely and I  adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What we discuss during sessions will be kept confidential. However, there may be rare occasions  when I need to pass on some information to another person, such as my supervisor, or your GP, if I believe that you, someone else or a child is at serious risk of harm.